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My personal experience of taking Sigumir for joints



Dear customers,

I would like to share my experience of taking Sigumir

I am a woman, i'm 35yo, i have two kids. Thank God i have a good health. I don't have serious diseases, i do not suffer from depression. So i have never taken any medications, except Citramon (light painkiller) for headache (very rare). When i have a flu i drink mors, decoction and tea. We have a joke: If you take medications you have flu for a week, if you don't take medications you have flu for 7 days :)    

So. In two years after i gave birth to my elder daughter i went to gym. During one workout i felt a light pain in my knee. I didn't pay attention at it. But since that time this pain appeared periodically. This year, at the beginning of the summer my knee started to ache everyday and the pain was different - dull pain, acute pain, inside the knee, above the knee, below the knee. And it appeared right after awakening or after a little walk or after a long work. I went to a surgeon and he said that everything is fine with my knee, that i can't have osteoarthritis at my age. But my knee was NOT OK. So, i decided to try peptides. Because they don't have side effects. I received many positive reviews about peptides from my European customers, but still i was a little bit skeptical about their effectiveness. I bought Sigumir 20 pills. I finished all pack and, you won't believe, my pain in the knee disappeared! I thought: Ok, this is just a temporary effect. But 2 months have already passed and my knee is still ok. I started my workouts again. First i was afraid that my knee will ache again, but no - it is ok) 

I'm going to buy this peptide complex for my mother. And also i plan to try peptides for other organs.       


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